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     As an ISO9001 Certified company, the whole process of manufacturing and quality inspection of New Asia PDC are under strict control to ensure the quality’s stability and security.

     Our company applies kinds of advanced high precision testing machines and instruments into products testing and detecting, adopts internationally accepted and industry-recognized methods and standards to evaluate key performance indicators such as wear resistance, heat resistance and impact resistance. Upon the attitude of attention to details, upon a team of professional and skilled engineers and technicians, New Asia can make a promise to our customers upon our high qualified products.

     The main methods of quality inspection include:

    light microscope

    optical projector

    C-Scan for Inner Defect Inspection

    C-Scan for Inner Defect Inspection

    High Accuracy Automatic Dimension Measurement

    Instron Test for Impact Resistance

    Low Energy Drop Test for impact Resistance

    High Energy Drop Test for Impact Resistance

    VTL Test for Abrasive Resistance

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