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    Quality Control

     Since 1998, New Asia obtained the certification of ISO9001, the entire producing process strictly carry through according to ISO, including the raw material inspection, before sintering, sintering, after-sintering processing, chamfering and inspection. To make sure our products quality more stable, uniform, controllable, and traceable.

     New Asia has established R&D Center and QC Department, set up comprehensive and reliable product detecting system, and builds the comprehensive corporate standard higher than the national standard. Our company has mostly issued national Industry standard “Polycrystalline Diamond Compact or Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride Blanks Species, Dimensions”(JB/T 10041- 2008), and participated its relative revising work.

    Quality Inspection

     Our company applies kinds of advanced high precision testing machines and instruments into products testing and detecting.

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